Tax & Law Research, Inc. California tax consultant is a full-service tax accounting firm located in Riverside, California. We have been serving clients for over 30 years in the Inland Empire, Southern California and throughout the U.S.The firm is specialized in tax audit representation, Personal tax consultant, and corporate tax consultant, payroll services, sales tax filing, accounting/bookkeeping, business consulting and business formation services. Our goal is to position our clients to be able to quickly focus their attention on profit-focused decisions rather than routine accounting and tax matters. Our clients benefit from my professional experience and our assistance with establishing and maintaining organized financial and tax records. Financial information that is managed throughout the year can provide useful information for making decisions related to financial goals of a business, a nonprofit organization, an individual or a family. The firm tailors its services to each client’s specific needs. Our goal in serving business clients is to maximize their resources and to minimize their expenses by providing practical and efficient accounting, tax and audit services; services that are perceived as valuable rather than merely a cost of doing business. Our purpose is serving individuals with complex tax issues, such as multi-state income tax, trusts, and estate taxes, is to assist them with minimizing their tax burden while controlling the destiny of their wealth.